• A home is made of Hopes and Dreams
    A house is made of
    Walls and beams
  • An investment
    in knowledge always
    Pays the best interest
  • The greatness of humanity is not
    in being human,
    but in being human
  • We work

  • We opened in August 2015 with over 2 years of collective experience from the Founding Members.

Welcome to

Innvolve Group

INNVOLVE GROUP is well known real estate and property developer in Lucknow. With FIVE business segments and more than 10 active companies, INNVOLVE GROUP has a collective presence in several markets spanning in the region.. It is a Lucknow-based firm to grow widely in the whole region.

"There were multiple qualities that led me to select INNVOLVE – the most important ones being the wealth of information about the Richmond marketplace and honest opinions...
"As someone who is in the real estate development industry, I would highly recommend the agents and staff at One INNVOLVE"
To set new standards of ethics and excellence in delivering to our customers...