Welfare Foundation


Innvolve Welfare Foundation (OUR STORY)

An innate desire to give back to society unconditionally was the driving force that led to the birth of Innvolve Foundation. The idea was to utilize the collected funds entirely to the deprived target population without incurring much administrative expenses or overhead costs. For the founding members, it was thus purely a voluntary service and the satisfaction they derived from their work was their reward.

The idea was to seek and fulfil the fundamental needs of the deprived first. The organisation thus identified loopholes or strategic gaps in projects that were run either by the government or by other not for profit organisations and sought to bridge these issues.

“A Medium of Society Changes & Empower Humanity and moral Values.”

The idea was ‘to do’ rather than to think of ‘how to do’ and ‘what to do’ in closed door sessions. Thus as problems and bottlenecks of the deprived communities came to the Foundation’s notice, attempts were made to resolve them. In this manner grew a number of projects that are running successfully today. The founders continue to work with the belief that no effort is futile even if it brings relief and some happiness to one life, because each life is as precious as that of our very own.

  • Aahaar is a food bank which aims at providing a healthy and balanced meal to the hungry. The objective of the project is multipurpose.
  • It supplies ingredients to concept ideology oriented organisations, Civil Society Organisations to help them cook a more balanced meal for the deprived.
  • Aahaar believes in mitigating the hunger of the mind by providing special meals or treats to the underprivileged on special occasions.
  • Aahaar becomes very active in post natural disaster scenarios to help those affected survive the wrath of the calamity.
  • It believes that such efforts go a long way in breaking social barriers including that of caste based exclusion that still exist in villages of India. A community meal brings changes in mindset and unites the deprived
  • Clothes do so much more than cover us, they keep us warm and bring dignity to life. With this belief, project Vastra bridges the gap between those who have overflowing wardrobes and those who barely have any.
  • It operates a collection and distribution centre in which clothes collected through corporate citizenship programs and other individual donors are sorted and distributed mostly through civil society organisations.It collects both new and used but clean and usable clothes from individuals and corporates.
  • Thereafter these clothes are sorted according to size, gender and purpose and stacked in the foundation’s collection centre to facilitate easy distribution.
  • These clothes thereafter make their way to community organisations and civil society organisations as per their need. The last mile for the clothes is to reach the needy, in which, no discrimination whatsoever is made.
  • An inclination to promote renewable energy and develop consciousness about the environment and its important among the rural population led to the initiation of project ‘Renewable Energy’. In this, tree plantation drives of mostly fruit trees and other native species are undertaken in rural villages or in areas surrounding schools. Solar lanterns are also distributed to meritorious students with excellent track record of school attendance to encourage both students and their families.
  • The project ‘Vidhya’ was conceived to fulfil critical loopholes in education funding available from the government or from Civil Society Organisations that work towards improving the quality of education. It was found that while school children had text books to read they did not have anything to write on. Through ‘Vidhya’ writing note books are distributed to these school children. Some students pursuing higher education are also provided scholarships through ‘Vidhya’.